HMS Daring providing Emergency Assistance

HMS Daring has arrived in Cebu to target UK medical assistance, emergency supplies and clean water to victims of Typhoon Haiyan stranded without assistance.

Calum Sillars the Class Naval Liason has had communication directly with Cdr RN Essenhigh onboard HMS Daring following a brief message of support from David Gower, the Class Captain. The message reads like this:

‘Many thanks for your message of support which I have passed on to the ship’s company. It is a real honour to be flying the flag in the vanguard of the UK response to the relief efforts and I am pleased to report the ship’s company are doing all of our affiliates proud (even if I say so myself).

We are currently working long days to try and deliver humanitarian assistance to the outlying islands that have had little or no assistance as of yet. We transported 6 tonnes of relief stores ashore yesterday, set up two temporary medical clinics, delivered some first aid and rebuilt a school. We will be doing the same on a daily basis until our stores run out and then we will be returning to Cebu to top up before starting again. We are expecting to be relieved by HMS ILLUSTRIOUS in the next week so that we can continue on with our regional engagement activities.

Sorry for the rather succinct response but life is never quiet at the moment!’

The following report is from the Minsitry of Defence Website:

Following surveys of remote areas, the ship’s helicopter will begin transporting UK humanitarian experts, medical teams and supplies to areas which have yet to receive outside help.


The launch of HMS Daring’s operations comes ahead of the departure later today of the UK Government’s latest aid flight which will leave East Midlands Airport with 95 tons of supplies from the Department for International Development (DFID), Oxfam and Save the Children.

Justine Greening said:

HMS Daring’s arrival is a major boost to DFID’s disaster experts and medical teams already deployed in the Philippines. This Royal Navy vessel will help us open a lifeline and allow us to help many more victims of the disaster.

Regarding the civilian relief flight due to leave East Midlands Airport later today, she added:

More British help is on its way. This latest flight will be full of medical supplies, water tankers and forklifts to get aid moving and help clear bottlenecks at the airports. The British people have shown huge generosity over the past days, and DFID is working with charities to make sure all their donations get to those who need it most. phil1

HMS Daring’s Lynx helicopter has spent three days surveying Panay and other islands near Cebu which have not yet been reached by humanitarian agencies.

At the request of the Department for International Development’s humanitarian field team, the ship will now:

  • Transport the UK’s 12-strong medical team: Alongside the ship’s own medical team, they will provide urgent medical assistance on the remote islands. The remaining 6 will go to Tacloban to work alongside the AusAid medical team.
  • Load, transport and distribute 500 shelter kits onto previously identified islands.
  • Load and transport 10 tonnes of high-energy biscuits to be distributed by Save the Children onto previously identified islands.
  • Use its own water filters to fill 1,900 water carriers with clean drinking water across the region.

This is in addition to the ship’s on-board disaster relief pack containing generators and electrical cables, emergency lighting, tools for basic construction, blankets, cutting and drilling equipment, public address systems, emergency shelter, medical items and stretchers. This will enable the ship’s crew to undertake clearance and shelter repair.


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