HMS Daring at the Heart of Stunning Maritime Spectacle in Sydney

Ian Mackinnon (Derring Do) gave a welcome boost to the Class’ link with HMS DARING in early October. Ian generously hosted a group of officers from HMS DARING whilst the ship visited Sydney for the Royal Australian Navy’s 100th anniversary.

HMS DARING – on her first world tour – was one of around 40 warships, 16 tall ships, more than 60 aircraft, ten military bands – including Royal Marines – and 8,000 sailors from 17 nations around the world which gathered in Sydney for the International Fleet Review by the Governor General of Australia Quentin Bryce, watched by HRH Prince Harry and Australian premier Tony Abbott.


Also participating in the long weekend of celebrations Down Under were ships and personnel from Brunei, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Micronesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Tonga, and the USA.


Ian reports:

Some friends and I had a jolly time with some of the officers of Daring which I think they enjoyed too. The officers were Lts Daley Snell, navigator and Daring Class liaison, Mark White, weather man, Hamish Walker, pilot and Fraser Mckay, weapons, all of whom were charming although somewhat younger than us.”

On Sunday in glorious weather, they were given a mini tour of the Eastern Suburbs and Bondi followed by lunch at The Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club. 

On Wednesday, some of them were taken surfing at Bondi at 6 a.m which is a popular way to start the day here though not by me. Then in the evening, I arranged for 4 of them to be taken on the CYCA twilight race in 2 yachts which was an eye opener to what sailing on the harbour is all about with a splendid evening and NE breeze. No oilskins in sight here, just shorts and shirt. hmsdaring3

Then today, they gave us a tour of the ship but not into the weapon silo; no secrets were being given away to my Australian friends. It was fascinating being shown around; they do live a comfortable existence. The wardroom was impressively set up for a high powered lunch hosted by The First Sea Lord. The Captain came past briefly and thanked us for looking after his officers. His time in Sydney has been totally taken up with him being tied down with official duties not allowing him any free time as was the case of Lt Ellie Hollingworth, the visit’s designated PR officer. Finally, I gave them a framed RPEYC Burgee as a souvenir of Sydney to go along with their Daring Class print.

All told an enjoyable time for us which they were very appreciative of.” hmsdaring2










Images are courtesy of the Royal Australian Navy.

Separately, the Class Captain has invited the Captain of HMS DRAGON to our AGM and Prize-giving dinner on Monday 9th December. We understand that Captain Iain Lower RN and his wife Pippa are yachtsmen and his ship enjoys an affiliation with the RTYC. Captain Lower has agreed to say a few words about his ship during dinner.

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