HMS Daring Tribute Dinner

A message regarding the HMS Daring Tribute Dinner in June to Daring Members from Admiral and Class Historian, Brian Hardy.

I am very keen that we should support this event with at least one table, if not more. Catherine and I will certainly be going. We have had an association with the Navy throughout our classes history, and specifically with the most recent Type 45 destroyers, led by our own Calum Sillars. Quite a few of us have had the pleasure of being entertained on board one or other of these magnificent ships. I shall never forget the excitement of doing figure of eight turns at high speed in the middle of the Channel or the launching of HMS Dauntless at Govan.

As a retired National Service Able Seaman (I passed the exam !) I am keen to support any event where the express purpose is to make the life of the members of the lower deck a happier one.

Please could as many of you as possible respond positively to Lisa as soon as possible so that we can collectively make an application for tickets.

Yours Sincerely,

Brian Hardy


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