2015 Season Underway


I hope that you like the completely new web site which has been worked on throughout the winter. Special thanks to Lisa Board, our Class Administrator, who has managed the whole process with help from Treasurer Myles Harrison.

This web site is much easier to navigate and more informative allowing access to the fixtures and social program together with finding and placing crew. Lisa is able to manage the content on an immediate basis. Please use it!

The RLYC warm up regatta got the 2015 season off to a cracking start with 8 Darings presenting for the first race. The weather was far better than forecast and racing was keen and close in 8-12 knots wind speed over neap tides with plenty of congestion at some marks.

With 2 races each day from a shore line, race officer Dixon set challenging courses in the predominately northerly wind. Repetition of the course on the radio encouraged dolphin to take it down literally and try to do one leg twice before realising the error. Destroyer took line honours in the first race looking very smart and even sinister following her winter make over. A downwind, down tide start for the second race challenged a few crews this early in the season with some OCS and others overly cautious. Audax  finished third with a different helmsman each day, Sir Richard Ottaway’s decoy was second and setting a challenge for the season Diana Christie’s Finesse took overall first place for the series.

The new breakwater appears to have brought some tranquility to the mouth of the medina in northerly winds but also some changes in strength and direction of the tide particularly 2 hours before and after high water. Please look at the chart and notes produced by CHC and circulated by the secretary on 22/04/15.

The racing rules clinic is to be held on Saturday 2/05/15 at the RLYC presented by international judges Bob Milner and Jamie B Clark. This is always an instructive and entertaining event and if you have not already booked I urge you to do so whilst some places remain. The legendary RLYC full breakfast is available at a special price of only £5:00 when purchased as part of the racing rules clinic from 08:00.

I have received a letter from Commander PE Dennis MBE, captain of HMS Daring. He intends to organise an affiliates day during the summer to join the ship for a day at sea. I have had the privilege of such a day out of Portsmouth and it was memorable as well as educational as to how strong and committed our Royal Navy is. There is no firm date as yet and of course any plan is subject to last minute change to accommodate operational orders. If you would like to join HMS Daring for a day at sea please email me at david@magroup.co.uk with a contact telephone number. I will log the requests in strict order of timed receipt and offer the day in the same order as soon as we hear further from commander Dennis.

I wish you all fair sailing for 2015.

David Gower
Class captain



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