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Damsel (No.28) Damsel has benefited from extensive work over the past few years and is in very good condition with up to date sails, all the latest controls and a centre console. She is very competitive and a winning boat in the right hands as her results attest. All offers considered for the whole boat only. Jamie Scrimgeour
(M: 07713 073173 )
 Division Belle (No. 21) Division Belle is perhaps the most iconic daring, with her historic connection with the House of Commons, her Parliament green hull and her green spinnaker with Portcullis motif. She is as quick as any boat on the water and has enjoyed regular success. Laid up for the last two years, she was repainted and all end of season maintenance was completed before she was put in the shed at Lallows She is complete with a full complement of sails. All offers considered for the whole boat.


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Christopher Hill

(M: 07770 392078)