Sail Past, Saturday 9th July

For further information on the Sail Past on Saturday 9th July, please login as a private user and go to Diary/Events folder in the Docs/Downloads Section to view the full itinerary from your Vice Captain, David Gower.  IN A CHANGE TO THE INSTRUCTIONS PREVIOUSLY ISSUED, PLEASE NOTE REVISED VHF RADIO CHANNEL TO 77.

A casual supper is being organised by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club at 1900hrs on Saturday 9th July to conclude the Daring Sail Past celebrations.   Bookings can be made by telephone to 01983 293581 or email to and must be made BY 1200 midday on Friday 8th July AT THE VERY LATEST!


Daring Association – Facebook gathers Pace

The Daring Assocation Facebook page is well and truly gathering pace with members now using it to look for crew, banter about race results and help build our online presence further. We are also extremely grateful for the support from Talisker, The Single Malt Scotch Whisky, who are sponsoring all the weekend dayboat regattas at Cowes from April to October in 2011 and 2012.

Please visit Facebook to support the Daring Association and Talisker to show our commitment to bringing value to the sponsorship agreement.

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Kendalls Fine Art – Darings Racing Off Cowes

Robert King RI RSMA has painted a lovely picture of Darings racing off Cowes which can be seen at Kendalls Fine Art in Cowes.

His vibrant impressionistic work is very popular with visitors to the gallery, where he has been the top selling artist since the gallery opened in 1996. Robert also works to commission from sailors wanting to have their own boat featured in a painting.

For more information please contact the gallery on 01983 281414. To see the picture in the gallery –


CCYC – Dame Ellen MacArthur to Open New Marina

Both and Isle of Wight County Press have announced that the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club has completed its new 38-berth marina. Dame Ellen MacArthur will open the new marina at Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club in May 2011.

“As well as increasing available berths from 29 to 38, the new development offers a much bigger and more open launching basin to accommodate sailing events hosted by the club.”

“The design includes a shallower sloping access bridge with a non-slip surface connected to a new walkway pier, providing easier and safer access for disabled sailors.”

(picture copyright of CCYC)

For more information please visit: Isle of Wight County Press or to view full articles.


Daring Class Insurance Scheme

Jamie Clark has provided details on an insurance scheme through Heath Lambert Insurance Services. Underwritten by, Groves, John & Westrup per Watkins Syndicate at Lloyds. The following insurance scheme is available to the Daring Class:

Jamie believes this is a good scheme for the class. He has already insured Decanter through the scheme. Boat owners wishing to take advantage of this offer can do so as and when their current policy comes up for renewal or straight away if they so wish.


Round The Island In 80 Years

News reached us today from JP Morgan about the Round the Island Race 80th Anniversary Exhibition. To quote from their official website:

“This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the first-ever Round the Island Race and both the Island Sailing Club and Title sponsor J.P. Morgan Asset Management are keen to involve all past, present and future competitors in the celebrations.”

“To mark the start of this historic year, a photographic exhibition entitled ‘Round the Island in 80 Years’ was launched on Tuesday 1st March. The Exhibition features 30 images capturing special moments from across the past eight decades of the Race.”

Visit their official site – Round The Island in 80 Years

One For The Album –

Every vessel in coastal and offshore waters is subject to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (the COLREGS). Often, in club racing, specific club racing rules may be superimposed onto the more general regulations such as COLREGS or CEVNI.

In general, regardless of the activity, every sailor must

  • Maintain a proper lookout at all times
  • Adjust speed to suit the conditions
  • Know whether to ‘stand on’ or ‘give way’ in any close-quarters situation.

Our friends at have a wonderful “Close Quarters” picture on their Facebook page – One For the Album


Gullsweeps – A Fine Bird Deterrent

A few members have been enquiring about Gullsweeps, and for those not so familiar with the concept – here is some information on them and they are available by mail order from Outboard Services and Marine Ltd.

Gullsweep is from the United States and keeps gulls off your boat by continually sweeping the area where they usually stand. Even in the slightest breeze, the Gullsweep rotates over a six foot diameter and creates an intimidating environment for birds because they don’t like moving objects.

Gullsweep has a new and improved design – not only is the new design stronger but it is also more effective in warding off gulls. The unique vanes now allow them to be lifted and stored over the support rods. Both rods fold and vanes are flat to each other, thus eliminating hinge breakage. Gullsweep VaneNew vanes are directly interchangeable with the older design. All replacement parts are interchangeable with older Gullsweep models. When not in use it folds for convenient storage. The new, tougher Gullsweep is 10 X stronger than earlier models. Gullsweep is a rugged, dependable performer.


The Challenge of a Lifetime – Clipper Round The World

1 circumnavigation, 10 ocean racing yachts, 40,000 miles, 15 races, 13 countries, 1 winner.

40,000 miles of ocean racing and around 450 people face the challenge of a lifetime. The Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race starts in August 2011- ten, stripped down 68-foot yachts will embark on a full circumnavigation of the globe. 40,000 miles long, it will take eleven months to complete the circumnavigation.

“It’s the only race in the world where taxi drivers rub shoulders with chief executives, vicars mix with housewives, students work alongside bankers, nurses work with vets and doctors team up with rugby players. It’s an experience that will change people’s lives”.

Showing similarities to the way the Daring Fleet is run, all the boats are identical and budgets equal, no one has a head start. For more information go to

srm jan issue front cover thumb

Cowes Online Reports An International Digital Launch

One of our digital partners, Cowes Online have reported the launch of the world’s first multimedia, digital magazine dedicated to sailboat racers across the globe. We quote their article below.

An innovative new monthly publication targeted specifically at the worldwide sail racing community has been launched by British sailing journalist Justin Chisholm. However, you won’t find this title on your local news stands as Sail Racing Magazine is a digital-only publication combining the very latest digital publishing technology with the global reach of the iTunes App Store as its distribution channel.

Further in-depth news and articles can be found at
You can view or download the new magazine here.