Launch of the New Website

The long awaited new Website is finally here!HamoThorn557

A great many thanks to all members who supplied us with the photos.

It is still a work in progress but you will find all the information under the Fixtures tab correct and up to date.

We are awaiting details of the new results page, as soon as I have the link I will update you.

The members area requires a fair amount of work and I will be doing this over the coming weeks, again I will email you all when it is up and running. if you wish to access any of the documents currently there please use your login details.

In the mean time, please enjoy the new site.

Daring Class Spring Dinner

Daring Class Spring Dinner – Sunday 24th May 2015

The annual members only dinner takes place in the spectacular surroundings of The Prospect in CowThe Prospectes on Sunday 24th May 2015.

We will be well into our 5th weekend of the season so this will be a great opportunity for old friends (ashore) and rivals (afloat) to catch up.

Spaces are limited, so don’t forget to book here before Monday 18th May.




Hudson Wight Scheme to Keep You Dry


Good News: Hudson Wight are rolling out the Affiliate Scheme today & ramping up your commission!

Hudson Wight are very grateful for your support since their successful launch at Cowes Week 2013 and are now going to give you even more for your efforts!

In tandem with the official roll-out of the Hudson Wight Affiliate Scheme across the UK today, the Directors of Hudson Wight are delighted to advise you that, as from today, you can now earn 15% commission on all purchases made by your members and friends using your unique Affiliate Code.



As an Affiliate you can publicise your code to your members and friends via your website, Sailing Club Manager emailings, E-newsletters, social media etc.  They then enter your Affiliate Code on the home page of to get at least 10% off our already extremely competitive prices. 15% of all purchases using your Affiliate Code are then credited to your account.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Hudson Wight.

Edmiston Trophy 2014

Our first International team race event, The Edmiston Trophy, will be hosted this year by the RCNGC on 20-22 March in Gran Canaria.

The formal NOR should be with us by the end of this month but we expect the event to be 2×2 boat racing with three crew/boat in Ideal 18’s, with up to six International teams taking part. Entry fees are likely to be around £250/head excluding socials and we understand some accommodation may be available with locals if we sign up early.
Could you please advise your interest as soon as convenient before we commit to sending a team?
Email Class Vice Captain, Doug Harckham

HMS Daring Providing Shelter Kits to Stricken Islanders


125 shelter packs provided by the Department for International Development (DFID), each containing 4 family-sized kits, and nearly 1,000 litres of fresh drinking water, have been distributed by HMS Daring to communities on the islands of Canas, Calagnaan and Tulunanaun to the north east of the island of Panay.
In all of these areas the storm destroyed housing and infrastructure, leaving families out in the open and vulnerable to the elements and high midday temperatures. One of the most remote communities had been without food or fresh water since the typhoon struck.
‘We are going to stay in this area overnight and tomorrow and then head back to Cebu to pick up some more supplies,’ said HMS Daring’s Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Steven Wall.
‘There are people here that are clearly suffering – their wells have been contaminated by seawater and they have no shelter. There have been no fatalities recorded from any of the islands today but they have been living in arduous conditions. People on Tulunanaun island for example have been living underneath piles of rubbish to try and escape the elements, so they were particularly in need of shelter. Most areas do have food supplies and communities are passing aid around the islands to each other, which is good, but we have found some evidence of areas that are just not being reached, so there is more to do here.’

The ship has been delivering the aid to the shore by sea boat and has also landed the medical team on board, who were deployed to the Philippines by DFID, on various islands to attend to the population’s healthcare needs and deal with any emergent issues. 
On Canas, where the community had been particularly badly affected, the medics required extra medical supplies to be sent from the ship. Although there had been no deaths, there were many people with infected laceration wounds from flying debris, including one child, and medics treated more than 100 people.
‘The team out there had been asked to treat a small child who had an infection to a wound in her face,” said Lieutenant Commander Wall. “So as soon as the call came in we despatched 2 bottles of children’s antibiotics across to treat her.’

On Calagnaan, a neighbouring village had provided people with aid distributed by HMS Daring previously and several local charitable organisations that had arrived days after the storm. However one small community that was almost impossible to reach, and which was not being supported by neighbouring districts, had no access to any food. The storm had ruined their crops and smashed their fishing boats so they had not been able to source their own food:
‘These people survived the typhoon by hiding in a cave further up the hill,” said HMS Daring’s Air Warfare Officer Lieutenant Commander Teilo Elliot-Smith. ‘When we landed, which was particularly hazardous as there was an extensive area of coral so we had to wade ashore, a woman came running up to me crying and pulling on my sleeves. She was saying they hadn’t eaten for 2 days and they had run out of all their supplies.’ hmsdaring7
The sailors brought the village of around 75 people the aid they needed and put together a report for DFID to send back to local government.
The last island to be visited was Tulunanaun, which had run out of fresh drinking water and, after an initial drop of 500 litres, the sailors returned with additional supplies.
HMS Daring is the first in class of the Royal Navy’s 6 new Type 45 destroyers, which are the largest and most powerful destroyers ever built for the Navy.
A Portsmouth-based air defence warship, she is two-thirds of the way through a 9-
month deployment and was taking part in an exercise with Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia as part of the Five Power Defence Arrangements when she was retasked to the Philippines.
(Photos are thanks to Leading Airman, Keith Morgan, Crown Copyright.)

AGM Documents For Members

Members should be receiving the AGM booklet in the post this week, but if you would like to read that document online please log in using the login and password from the inside front cover of the members handbook and follow this link to the AGM Booklet 2013.

Also for details of the proposed change to the Class Rules, again use you member login, and follow this link Proposed Changes 2013.


HMS Daring providing Emergency Assistance

HMS Daring has arrived in Cebu to target UK medical assistance, emergency supplies and clean water to victims of Typhoon Haiyan stranded without assistance.

Calum Sillars the Class Naval Liason has had communication directly with Cdr RN Essenhigh onboard HMS Daring following a brief message of support from David Gower, the Class Captain. The message reads like this:

‘Many thanks for your message of support which I have passed on to the ship’s company. It is a real honour to be flying the flag in the vanguard of the UK response to the relief efforts and I am pleased to report the ship’s company are doing all of our affiliates proud (even if I say so myself).

We are currently working long days to try and deliver humanitarian assistance to the outlying islands that have had little or no assistance as of yet. We transported 6 tonnes of relief stores ashore yesterday, set up two temporary medical clinics, delivered some first aid and rebuilt a school. We will be doing the same on a daily basis until our stores run out and then we will be returning to Cebu to top up before starting again. We are expecting to be relieved by HMS ILLUSTRIOUS in the next week so that we can continue on with our regional engagement activities.

Sorry for the rather succinct response but life is never quiet at the moment!’

The following report is from the Minsitry of Defence Website:

Following surveys of remote areas, the ship’s helicopter will begin transporting UK humanitarian experts, medical teams and supplies to areas which have yet to receive outside help.


The launch of HMS Daring’s operations comes ahead of the departure later today of the UK Government’s latest aid flight which will leave East Midlands Airport with 95 tons of supplies from the Department for International Development (DFID), Oxfam and Save the Children.

Justine Greening said:

HMS Daring’s arrival is a major boost to DFID’s disaster experts and medical teams already deployed in the Philippines. This Royal Navy vessel will help us open a lifeline and allow us to help many more victims of the disaster.

Regarding the civilian relief flight due to leave East Midlands Airport later today, she added:

More British help is on its way. This latest flight will be full of medical supplies, water tankers and forklifts to get aid moving and help clear bottlenecks at the airports. The British people have shown huge generosity over the past days, and DFID is working with charities to make sure all their donations get to those who need it most. phil1

HMS Daring’s Lynx helicopter has spent three days surveying Panay and other islands near Cebu which have not yet been reached by humanitarian agencies.

At the request of the Department for International Development’s humanitarian field team, the ship will now:

  • Transport the UK’s 12-strong medical team: Alongside the ship’s own medical team, they will provide urgent medical assistance on the remote islands. The remaining 6 will go to Tacloban to work alongside the AusAid medical team.
  • Load, transport and distribute 500 shelter kits onto previously identified islands.
  • Load and transport 10 tonnes of high-energy biscuits to be distributed by Save the Children onto previously identified islands.
  • Use its own water filters to fill 1,900 water carriers with clean drinking water across the region.

This is in addition to the ship’s on-board disaster relief pack containing generators and electrical cables, emergency lighting, tools for basic construction, blankets, cutting and drilling equipment, public address systems, emergency shelter, medical items and stretchers. This will enable the ship’s crew to undertake clearance and shelter repair.



HMS Daring at the Heart of Stunning Maritime Spectacle in Sydney

Ian Mackinnon (Derring Do) gave a welcome boost to the Class’ link with HMS DARING in early October. Ian generously hosted a group of officers from HMS DARING whilst the ship visited Sydney for the Royal Australian Navy’s 100th anniversary.

HMS DARING – on her first world tour – was one of around 40 warships, 16 tall ships, more than 60 aircraft, ten military bands – including Royal Marines – and 8,000 sailors from 17 nations around the world which gathered in Sydney for the International Fleet Review by the Governor General of Australia Quentin Bryce, watched by HRH Prince Harry and Australian premier Tony Abbott.


Also participating in the long weekend of celebrations Down Under were ships and personnel from Brunei, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Micronesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Tonga, and the USA.


Ian reports:

Some friends and I had a jolly time with some of the officers of Daring which I think they enjoyed too. The officers were Lts Daley Snell, navigator and Daring Class liaison, Mark White, weather man, Hamish Walker, pilot and Fraser Mckay, weapons, all of whom were charming although somewhat younger than us.”

On Sunday in glorious weather, they were given a mini tour of the Eastern Suburbs and Bondi followed by lunch at The Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club. 

On Wednesday, some of them were taken surfing at Bondi at 6 a.m which is a popular way to start the day here though not by me. Then in the evening, I arranged for 4 of them to be taken on the CYCA twilight race in 2 yachts which was an eye opener to what sailing on the harbour is all about with a splendid evening and NE breeze. No oilskins in sight here, just shorts and shirt. hmsdaring3

Then today, they gave us a tour of the ship but not into the weapon silo; no secrets were being given away to my Australian friends. It was fascinating being shown around; they do live a comfortable existence. The wardroom was impressively set up for a high powered lunch hosted by The First Sea Lord. The Captain came past briefly and thanked us for looking after his officers. His time in Sydney has been totally taken up with him being tied down with official duties not allowing him any free time as was the case of Lt Ellie Hollingworth, the visit’s designated PR officer. Finally, I gave them a framed RPEYC Burgee as a souvenir of Sydney to go along with their Daring Class print.

All told an enjoyable time for us which they were very appreciative of.” hmsdaring2










Images are courtesy of the Royal Australian Navy.

Separately, the Class Captain has invited the Captain of HMS DRAGON to our AGM and Prize-giving dinner on Monday 9th December. We understand that Captain Iain Lower RN and his wife Pippa are yachtsmen and his ship enjoys an affiliation with the RTYC. Captain Lower has agreed to say a few words about his ship during dinner.


Hudson Wight Affiliation

hudsonwightThe Daring Class are delighted to announce that we are the first class association to be a Hudson Wight Affiliate.

Hudson Wight Limited was launched at Cowes Week this year and by only ever selling direct and therefore not involving any independent resellers, their aim is to offer well designed, top end specification, sailwear at around half the price of established brands.

Hudson Wight combines years of sailing experience, the latest proven fabric technology and a wealth of design and manufacturing expertise to produce a range of great looking, performance sailwear.

Class Members and their friends and family can benefit

As a Hudson Wight Affiliate, members of the Daring Class can get a 15% discount on all purchases made via the Hudson Wight website.

Use the code DARINGCLASS or click here.

Your code can be used by anyone, whether Daring Class members or not.

For every sale made using the DARINGCLASS code the Daring Class receives a 10% commission fee.

Special Introductory Offer

To help get the ball rolling, Hudson Wight would like to offer an additional 10% off, making a total discount of 25%, to members and friends of The Daring Class if a combined order of 12 or more sets of HW1 Jacket and Trousers can be put together by the end of October.

This would mean that a full set of Jacket and Trousers made with 3 layer OceanVent fabric would cost just £300.00 inc. VAT and they will also include a free Sailing Bag, Cap and Gloves (normally totalling £60) with each set. (Please note that this offer is subject to stock availability)