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Cowes Week Cocktails and Dinner

The annual Daring Class Drinks Reception is taking place on Tuesday 9th August from 1800 at it’s traditional venue – The Prospect. Always a great success, fabulous canapes, Captain’s speech and a great chance to catch up on all the action from on and off the water. Full details here – please email me if you wish to book.



Some Cowes Week action from 2015 thanks to Hamo Thornycroft

Dinner at the RLYC following the drinks and canapes ensures is the class’s way of making sure you all get the opportunity to have a decent meal that evening before another hard day on the water! Extremely good value at only £23 per head for a two course steak dinner. Full details here – please email me if you wish to book.

Minutes of the Daring Open Forum

Held at Royal London Yacht Club
19 July 2015

27 members in Attendance

Apologies: None


David Gower as Class Captain chaired the meeting and introduced the “Expert Panel” consisting of Jamie Clarke, John Corby, Brian Hardy, Carron Snagge, Theo Rye, Laurie Boarer and Sir Richard Ottaway. He introduced the discussion firstly in relation to the weight issue by saying that there had been no upper or lower weight limit for a Daring in the Class Rules for the last 50 years or so until introduced with the D2 builds in 2010. The proposition to be discussed is “do we increase the minimum weight of a Daring to 2,200 kg and maintain a maximum weight in the Rules?” A lively discussion ensued with Mike Fox wanting to know the criteria for how the weight of a Daring would be fixed. Jamie Clarke noted that the only way of increasing weight was by inserting correctors into the boat, not at the ends but at the quarter and three quarter positions. Magnus Wheatley made it plain that he was strongly against applying correctors or weights to existing boats, and Richard Ottaway questioned why have a maximum weight at all. The discussion moved to when boats should or could be weighed, with Diana Christie noting that it was not fair to weigh the boats at the end of the season when they had been sailed, Laurie Boarer noted that it was logistically difficult to carry out weight tests at the end of the season and that some of the older boats take on more water during the season and therefore the differential would be greater.

John Corby stated that he had recently added 20 kilos to the weight of Doublet and was not happy about adding weight to Daring’s, especially when certain members of the class have had their boats built to the minimum weight.

The Chairman then suggested discussion on the following question “is lower weight an advantage or not?”

Mark McNeil suggested that existing boats should remain as they are, but any new boats built should be built to 2,200 kg. Giles Peckham noted that the weight of the keel is the key. Some keels are lighter than others, and it was difficult to talk about overall weight until the keel weight issue had been resolved. Richard Ottaway noted that Decoy was the heaviest of the Daring’s and questioned the problem that the class was trying to solve. Was it a problem between the D1s, D2s and the fact that the centre of gravity had been raised in D2s? Roger Marwood noted that the D2s were noticeably quicker downwind and there was a discussion between various members as to which boats were faster upwind and/or downwind. After 50 minutes of debate the Chairman put the proposal “does any member wish to change the current weight rule relating to Daring’s?” On a show of hands the proposal was rejected unanimously and the Chairman noted that after listening to the debate it was quite clear that there was no enthusiasm for a change of rule. In relation to the second question “do you wish the Committee to reconsider the minimum weight of a Daring?” that proposal was also rejected save for one vote. The Chairman also noted at this point of the debate that the most vociferous proponents of a rule change were not in attendance at the Forum.


The Chairman opened the discussion by suggesting a definition of fairing, to mean “long boarding to achieve a symmetrical hull”.

Laurie Boarer noted that when he has been repairing damage to the hulls of Daring’s that is all that that has been done and no more. He has not carried out any fairing on them. Theo Rye explained the technical position regarding fairing and Jamie Clarke made the point that rough anti-fouling made all boats equal. To spend a fortune on fairing would be a waste of time. Richard Ottaway agreed and said that changing the rule would simply create an arms race. A discussion took place between John Hackman and Theo Rye about the rippling effect of the hull, with Jamie Clarke noting that the rippling of the hull does not matter, it was only the wetted surface that counted. Doug Harckham commented that if boats were sailing in flat water and less than 8 knots fairing probably matters. In the Solent with 4 feet seas in his opinion it didn’t. In response to a question from Giles Peckham, Laurie Boarer explained how he removed existing anti fouling to fill in the ripples when he is re anti-fouling a Daring.

At the conclusion of the discussion the Chairman asked whether those present wished a new rule to be put to the AGM to allow fairing. There was only one vote in favour, the majority voting against. The Chairman indicated that the views of the meeting would be discussed by the Committee but in the light of the very clear opinions of those present who represented 22 of the boats in the fleet it was highly unlikely that there would be any change in either rule relating to weight or fairing. The meeting concluded at 18.15.

Captain’s Newsletter June 2015




OPEN FORUM 19TH July 2015

As previously announced there will be an open forum for all class members to be held at:

16.00 in the London Room of the Royal London Yacht Club

Provision has been made for 100 and a cash bar will be available.

The forum will follow a “Question Time” style format to discuss two issues:

  • Fairing
  • Weight

Questions, or statements by class members, will be directed to each member of the panel in turn with further comments taken from the floor as the debate progresses.

The objective is to vent argument and collect information to determine whether the Committee should bring forward proposals for a Rule change on either or both fairing and weight at the next AGM.

At the end of the meeting or 2 hours, whichever is the sooner, the members will be invited to vote on a straight majority basis on each subject.

On two occasions I have invited nominations for the “expert panel” but received none.

Unfortunately neither Theo Rye, our Class Naval  Architect, or Andrew Yates the Class Measurer are available, but have both offered their support to the proposed debate and comments which I will read out at the start of the meeting.

The following have agreed to participate as the panel:

Sir Richard Ottaway CB – member and a sailor of several Darings for 40 years

Carron Snagge – CB member, past Captain, Chair of Doublet working group

John Corby – New class member. Internationally renowned yacht designer

Andy Cassell – CB Member. Olympic gold medal yachtsman. Class sailmaker

Laurie Boarer – Class contractor. Vast experience building and maintain Darings

Jamie B Clark – CB Member. International judge. Long term passionate Daring sailor

The Hon Sec will keep notes and advise on any issues required by the Rules.

Following the 2014 AGM I received a great deal of correspondence about each of these subjects. If these matters are important to you please attend the meeting and voice your views, preferably with the benefit of supporting argument based on fact.


The leader’s board looks a little different this season so far with Decoy currently leading the Season Points pursued by Destroyer and Dolphin somewhat further behind.

The Keel Boat Series is also currently lead by Decoy followed by Double Knott and Dynamite from which one of the regular skippers has signed onto a Solent navigation course.

The Solent Series is being led by Destroyer with Decoy and Diamond in contention. The coveted John Dibben Trophy was won by Decoy.

Congratulations to Sir Richard Ottaway who is enjoying a cracking start to his retirement from main line politics.


Six Darings competed in a passage race to Newtown Creek on Sunday 28th June in the second of what is becoming an annual event. The race to Newtown Creek was won by Destroyer helmed by Harry Wheatley with Magnus Wheatley on trim closely followed by John Hackman in Double Knott.

Newtown 2015

Darings Moored in Newtown Creek. Photo taken by Charles Knight, Asst. HM at Newtown Creek

Rafted up in Newtown Creek by special permission of HM David Flanagan each side of Matchless, a leisurely and not too liquid lunch was enjoyed over hearty conversation.

The race back was down wind directly to the RLYC line. The fleet was remarkably level with the winner Double Knott overlapped by second place Dolphin helmed by Peter Haworth and Streak helmed by Robert Gosling just managed to push Magnus Wheatley in Destroyer into last place to the amusement of Harry.

The day provided an ideal opportunity to bring wives, girlfriends and children along to enjoy a Daring race without the usual pressure of a scheduled race. The courses were chosen to reduce mark rounding’s and boat handling issues.

Attached is a picture of Darings moored in Newtown Creek kindly taken by Charles Knight Asst. HM at Newtown Creek.


The RYS Bi Centenary regatta saw 11 Darings on the start line for the three day series including Doublet launched on the Tuesday evening for the race series with a dispensation to sail unmeasured as this event does not count for Daring Class points.

At the start of the last race in a SW of 20 – 25 knots Doublet and Dolphin were on equal points for first place. The RYS set a downwind start to NE Ryde Middle. Both Doublet and Dolphin hit the line as the gun went with spinnakers full and ran neck and neck all the way to the first mark. There was no perceptible difference in speed.

Up wind was a different matter but this was more to do with crew efficiency. Dolphin was helmed by a guest 70 year old and crewed by a couple of 66 year olds. Doublet went on to win the series with Streak helmed by Hamish Janson second and Dolphin helmed by Anthony Lunch third.

Doublet was hauled out after the series and has now been submitted to the Class Measurer for weighing and measuring. She looks gorgeous and features a number of innovative (for a Daring) handling systems which other owners are sure to find of interest. She is a great credit to John Corby who has brought back to the fleet a Daring that was in a very sad state of repair.


I received six requests from members to spend an affiliate’s day on HMS Daring. Calum Sillars is in contact with the ship and as soon as we have a date Calum will contact those who expressed interest. We hope very much that everyone can be accommodated but if not they will be invited in the strict rotation of request receipt. For the record Mike and Sue Fox were first off the mark at 18.14 on 2nd May followed by Michael Campbell at 13.19 on 7th May.


The new web site appears to be working well. Unfortunately Lisa Board, our Administrator, has had an accident and fractured her elbow. This has delayed the ongoing development work in populating the site with new material, but we wish her a speedy and full recovery.


If you ordered a new mainsail for 2015 you should either be using it now or have asked Lallows to put it on board at a later date.

Over the past few years Lallows have reported difficulties in easily identifying sails.

Before you lay up this year please be sure to mark your boat number with a permanent marker pen on the tack of the Jib and Mainsail and the Head of the Spinnaker.

Fair winds and happy sailing

David Gower, Class




Special Offer Wine Boxes


Wine Therapy – Cowes

Local Wine Shop, Wine Therapy, have been successfully supplying wine to Island Residents and visitors for the past 4 years, and have now launched a special offer for local and visiting yachtsmen and women.

The ‘Boom Box’ – £100 – contains 12 bottles of wine, over a 10% saving on the shelf price in store AND free delivery

The ‘Master’s Box’ – £135 – contains 12 bottles of wine, over a 10% saving on the shelf price in store AND free delivery

 Special offer Wine Boxes– for full details.


2015 Season Underway


I hope that you like the completely new web site which has been worked on throughout the winter. Special thanks to Lisa Board, our Class Administrator, who has managed the whole process with help from Treasurer Myles Harrison.

This web site is much easier to navigate and more informative allowing access to the fixtures and social program together with finding and placing crew. Lisa is able to manage the content on an immediate basis. Please use it!

The RLYC warm up regatta got the 2015 season off to a cracking start with 8 Darings presenting for the first race. The weather was far better than forecast and racing was keen and close in 8-12 knots wind speed over neap tides with plenty of congestion at some marks.

With 2 races each day from a shore line, race officer Dixon set challenging courses in the predominately northerly wind. Repetition of the course on the radio encouraged dolphin to take it down literally and try to do one leg twice before realising the error. Destroyer took line honours in the first race looking very smart and even sinister following her winter make over. A downwind, down tide start for the second race challenged a few crews this early in the season with some OCS and others overly cautious. Audax  finished third with a different helmsman each day, Sir Richard Ottaway’s decoy was second and setting a challenge for the season Diana Christie’s Finesse took overall first place for the series.

The new breakwater appears to have brought some tranquility to the mouth of the medina in northerly winds but also some changes in strength and direction of the tide particularly 2 hours before and after high water. Please look at the chart and notes produced by CHC and circulated by the secretary on 22/04/15.

The racing rules clinic is to be held on Saturday 2/05/15 at the RLYC presented by international judges Bob Milner and Jamie B Clark. This is always an instructive and entertaining event and if you have not already booked I urge you to do so whilst some places remain. The legendary RLYC full breakfast is available at a special price of only £5:00 when purchased as part of the racing rules clinic from 08:00.

I have received a letter from Commander PE Dennis MBE, captain of HMS Daring. He intends to organise an affiliates day during the summer to join the ship for a day at sea. I have had the privilege of such a day out of Portsmouth and it was memorable as well as educational as to how strong and committed our Royal Navy is. There is no firm date as yet and of course any plan is subject to last minute change to accommodate operational orders. If you would like to join HMS Daring for a day at sea please email me at with a contact telephone number. I will log the requests in strict order of timed receipt and offer the day in the same order as soon as we hear further from commander Dennis.

I wish you all fair sailing for 2015.

David Gower
Class captain



Colonial Cup 2016

DaringTeamColonial Cup 2016

The Royal Perth Yacht Club have confirmed they would like to host a return match for the Colonial Cup. The dates they are suggesting are, early to mid January or early to mid March 2016, Monday through Friday.


This evenPerthTeamt was last hosted by us at the Royal London in 2013, with Perth the eventual winners by a narrow margin so an opportunity to restore honour is welcomed.


No SI’s or NOR yet but it’s likely to be 3×3 boat racing with 4 crew/boat and there could be 3 teams including Perth,  Freshwater Bay YC and Darings.


As the suggested dates are during the height of their sailing season, and they have many other events planned, they’re keen to hear if we can send a team so an early indication of interest would be appreciated before we respond to Perth.


Please register your interest by email. 


Launch of the New Website

The long awaited new Website is finally here!HamoThorn557

A great many thanks to all members who supplied us with the photos.

It is still a work in progress but you will find all the information under the Fixtures tab correct and up to date.

We are awaiting details of the new results page, as soon as I have the link I will update you.

The members area requires a fair amount of work and I will be doing this over the coming weeks, again I will email you all when it is up and running. if you wish to access any of the documents currently there please use your login details.

In the mean time, please enjoy the new site.