Affordable One Design

If your strategy to cross the line first is to throw money at the problem then the Daring is not the class for you! There are two factors which limit the annual budget to a very affordable level.

First, the strict one-design rules do not allow owners to buy new sails or have their hull scrubbed whenever they like. Secondly, by purchasing sails and maintenance contracts in bulk, the class is able to obtain competitive prices for high quality products and services.

The sail replacement programme specifies that owners may only purchase new sails at given times (typically every two years). At these times the class places a bulk order on one sailmaker for sails for the whole fleet, all cut to the same design from the same cloth.

The hull scrubbing programme ensures that all boats are kept clean all season.

Typically each boat will sail with one helm and two crew although there is no restriction on crew numbers for club racing. Since the hull design makes performance almost completely independent of crew weight, this allows a fourth crew member to join in without impacting performance or for a helm and one crew to sail competitively in light winds.

The result is a class which enables anyone to win, whichever boat they are in. Even the first yachts out of the mould have proved they can still win the season’s championship more than 30 years after they were first launched. The Daring achieves this true one-design advantage through a unique combination of:

  • Uniform hull and rig design and manufacture.
  • Controlled sail replacement programme.
  • Controlled hull scrubbing programme.
  • A narrow hull with a long heavy keel which removes the impact of different crew weights.

Every crew knows they have an equal chance of winning if their tactics and crew work are all right on the day. This leads to some infectious enthusiasm which is all too evident when you see the large numbers of Darings which regularly turn out to race.

Modified Hull Design

In 2008, the fleet welcomed a newly designed deck by the gifted Naval Architect, Theo Rye. A number of the fleet have already had hull modifications and the Class expect further new builds with the possibility of new fleets developing in other locations to enjoy the special pleasure of racing a Daring

Theo has a passion for Metre yachts both classic and modern and was retained by the Class to guide through new ideas for a modern updated deck mould. The first deck mould incorporates a larger cockpit for improved crew comfort and is cambered making it more efficient and even better looking!

The Class already owned an excellent original hull which was used, and with no rig changes the Class has ensured that its existing yachts will continue to be competitive with any new or upgraded yacht incorporating the new Theo Rye deck. The result has been to maintain a highly competitive fleet for boats of all ages.

To compliment the new deck Theo designed new interior mouldings to incorporate forward and aft bulkheads giving positive buoyancy in the event of flooding, dry on board storage and a centre console and raised sole area for improved crew efficiency and handling systems. The essential principle being that none of these improvements will affect boat performance; hull shape, weight, centre of gravity, sail plan and standing rigging will be identical for new and old boats.